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We build up PV systems with passion.


Welcome to our website of leo-solar GmbH & Co. KG. We are a leading company in the region of Ulm. Our products are high-efficient and ready to use.

We will always provide you with the best offer, whether the high perfomance modules are from SUNPOWER, first class german products or the solid components which come from the Far East.


About us

We are an enterprise, which is located in Ulm. We build up photovoltaic systems worldwide with passion. For ten years, we have accumulated experience in this field. In that time we have reached an achievement, by building up more than 10 MW of photovoltaic power.


We are authorized dealers of the North American Corporation, SUNPOWER, for high performance module. We are premier partners of SUNPOWER.


Sunpower Premier Partner

Which systems do we build?

Systems, which are only 3 kWp on the roof of a garage, or on the bigger roofs of the hall of a factory, or even on the agriculture estate, are included in our portfolio. In April 2013, we have successfully built up our biggest solar system on an agriculture estate in Falkenhain (near Berlin), which is over 1,1 MW. Moreover, we could build transformer stations in any size outdoors.


  • Small systems on single-family houses (flat roof as well)
  • Systems on sheds and halls with 500 kWp or more
  • Solar Parks
  • Systems on rented roofs


Which components do we implement?

Of course, we will provide exclusively products with good quality. The inverters are produced by brand manufactures, for example SMA (worldwide brand leader), KACO, REFUSOL, or Fronius. The modules, which are purchased from different manufactures, are produced in Germany as a gerneral rule. The modules, which come from China or other countries, would be examined carefully, so that the modules are under the guarantee in Germany. For the mounting systems, we will purchase the individual assembly set from the manufacturer, who also calculates the static design correctly. Consequently, the PV systems are very stable under the influence of the weather.

Outstanding Quality.


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