Informational material

We build up PV systems with passion.

Economical Boundary


In Ulm, there is about 1050kWh of Sun power per kWp.


One kWp installed capacity would cost about 1000-2000 Euro. It is depended on the size of the systems, the type of the modules and the local circumstances.


The rule of thumb:


After about 10-12 years, the systems would been paid completely.  The returns of the remaining years with guaranteed feed-in compensation and all the further operating years would be the profit.


Lifespan, Guarantee and Insurance


The inversters are under 10 years guaranty and are provided by us according to your wishes.


The Solar-modules have maximum 25 years of product warranty (SUNPOWER) and 25 years of performance guarantee acccording to the manufacturers. Normally, after this period, the system would be guaranteed to have 80% of original performance.


The system is insured against destruction or damage by lightning, hail, etc... In addition, a liability insurance policy would be organized for this system.