Informational material

We build up PV systems with passion.




Kilowatt peak is the peak power that is provided by the system under defined conditions. The size of the system is described generally not in square, but in electrical magnitude, namely kWp. By the rule of thumb: 6 square feet of solar panels is adequately equivalent to a kWp.



Kilowatthours. This is referred to the amount of the power, which is produced by the solar power system.

Rule of thumb: In Ulm, for every kWp installed power, 950-1050 kWh of solar electricity are roughly harvested.


Solar Generator.

This is referred to the solar cells, which are mounted on the roof.



The solar generators produce direct current. The invertes will convert the direct current into alternative current. Then, it would be feeded in the energy grid.


Annual Income

The annual income is certainly depended on the duration of sunshine. Ulm has one of he highest sun radiaion and it is thus ideally suitable for solar power installations.


Renewable Energy Act ( Erneuerbare Energiengesetz (EEG) )

The Renewable Energy Act regualtes the feed-in tariff for electricity from renewable energy sources. In August 2013 solar electricity (up to 10 kWp) from rooftop systems will be paid an allowance of 14.8 cents. Incidentally, this is not a subsidy from tax revenues.The feed-in tariff is based on the electricity price. In the mix of price " electricity from the socket", there is the proportion of renewable energy.